Inamullumani was founded by Canadian-Jordanian designer Luma Qusus Awad in 2000. However, she began creating jewellery long before then. Although recognised for its vibrant colours and statement pieces, there is far more that sets the brand apart. Through the use of precious metals, gemstones and mixed media, Inamullumani makes it a point to tell a story through each piece, drawing inspiration from the creator’s Greek, Roman and Middle Eastern heritage. The brand’s primary focus is on customised designs for individuals, as well as exclusive designs for corporate initiatives and cause-driven organizations, meaning, most, if not all its products are one of a kind. 


Over the years, Inamullumani leveraged its core of producing jewellery for a cause, and was among the first to pioneer this idea in the Middle East. These causes range from collections for the financing of mammograms for underprivileged women, to fighting causes like human trafficking in Canada. Following through with the objective to support women empowerment, Inamullumani began offering training workshops related to capacity building and technical skill development to women who wish to hone their inspiration(s) and skills in this industry. Ultimately, this would broaden the prospects of women artists achieving independence and financial self-sufficiency. The brand has also collaborated with other brands supporting women artisans across the world.


About the Designer:


Luma was born and raised in Amman, Jordan, and is a true lover of fine art in all its forms. After having met her husband, Luma and her small family moved to Athens, Greece, where she drew much inspiration from the colours of the Mediterranean, the rich history of Europe, the beautiful souls met through her travels in addition to the magic of the Jordanian deserts. Luma now resides in Ontario, where she continues to delve deeper into the possibilities of Canadian inspired art.

Having spent much of her life travelling, Inamullumani gained wide-spread, international traction. Her unique collections are in high demand all around the world, by clients who recognise her exclusive and timeless taste. Ironically enough, Luma comes from a professional background in Law, until she realised her true calling was in the arts. Although well-established today, Inamullumani had very humble beginnings as a small business, putting Luma in the face of the many hurdles of a starting entrepreneur. Today, Luma’s collections have been showcased at international exhibitions, from Paris UNESCO Head Quarters to Zappeion Megaron in Athens, Dubai and Amman Design Week in Jordan. 
In 2019 Luma was the award winner of Women Of Inspirations Cultural Ambassador category in Canada.