My first solo exhibition.

As a six-year-old little girl, I remember standing next to my father, watching him shave. The memory is fresh in my mind—like it was just yesterday. His razor rolled down his beard and hair trimmings fell into the sink. I remember telling him about my aspirations of becoming an artist and host an art exhibition someday for many people to come to seemy work. Along the way, I had lost sight of that dream, as if it had been washed down the drain.


At 21, I walked the stage and graduated  from law school at Jordan University.


At 25, I got married and had my first born a few years later.


I ticked all the boxes and did everything I was supposed to do. My life followed the perfect plan, but something was still missing.


With a dream in my heart, I launched Inamullumani— my jewellery business in 2000. few years later, I held my first solo exhibition. In 2021, I connected the dots. The memory of my father shaving is one of my fondest. It was the day I planted a seed of hope that grew into a beautiful career. My father didn’t laugh, but supported my young dreams, standing next to me with a smile. Years later, he stood so proud next to me in my first solo exhibition.


The same seeds of uplifting love and encouragement my father has always shown me, are the same seeds that we can plant for a child’s dream to flourish. In partnership with the Children's Aid Foundation of Halton, we are helping children come closer to reaching their dreams, by donating proceeds from the Dandelion Dreams collection. Buy it, wear it, and plant a seed for hope and healing in our community.



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