Story Behind The Dandelion Dream Piece.

danelion handmade jewellery jewellery for a cause

Dandelion Dreams is a collection inspired by a memory and experience surrounding hope. As a child, I remember walking through a garden of dandelions. Wide eyes, filled with wonder, I picked one up, blew on it, and wished for my heart's desires. I watched as the tiny seeds wafted through the air, carrying my hopes and dreams. Growing up, some people would say: if you blow on a dandelion, your dreams would come true. Even today, many people including myself, believe that.

Since a young age, I've cherished the relationship with my parents, ensuring to always keep in touch, even as I transitioned into a busy life, as an artist. Unfortunately, when the pandemic started, my family and I had to be isolated from one another. Since the beginning of 2020, I haven’t been able to see my parents, to hug them and to tell them how much I love them. Just a few months ago, I picked up a dandelion, and flashbacks of joyous memories with my parents flooded back, reminding me of happier days.

The dandelion sparked a glimpse of hope in my heart, as I blew on it once again, hoping that it’s seeds would bring love and memories to my parents, back home. As a sign of gratitude and hope, I decided to make a new statement piece to help people never lose hope in their dreams. In partnership with Children's Aid Foundation of Halton, we are helping children come closer to reaching their dreams. A big portion of the money earned will be donated to these children. If my story or cause inspired you, don’t forget to check out the Dandelion Dreams collection and let's all dream for better days and a better future together.

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