Illustration Artist Moh’d Bilbaisi necklace sterling silver drop tears of joy inamullumani luma Qusus awad Ontario Canada
Tears of joy silver necklace gold plated art sad woman artist Moh’d Bilbaisi inamullumani Canada Ontario oakville luma quais awad
Tear drop necklace sterling silver 18k gold plated inamullumani luma Qusus awad
Tears of joy Gold plated pendant in glass bottle inamullumani luma Qusus awad
Tears of joy
Tears of joy
Tears of joy

Tears of joy

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With hard work comes success, and with every success a TEAR OF JOY is shed.

Let this be your reminder. Hard work pays off in the end. 

Sterling Silver 925 and 18k gold plated drop (1cm) with short necklace.

Adjustable length.

Packed in glass container.

Art illustration by Artist Moh’d Bilbaisi 

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