Salām “Li Beirut” DIY kit

This is a DIY mobile chain accessory kit that you can do as a creative activity yourself or with loved ones.

The kit includes:

• Supplies for 2 mobile chains, one you can keep for yourself (optional) and anot her you can sell as a donation under your name on our website.

• A package is included with a card for you to sign your name. We ask that you take a photo of your finished product against a white background and send it to us in order to download on our website. We will take care of the shipping.

The beads include the words PEACE, TRUTH and HOME. We chose these words to wish our brothers and sisters in Lebanon peace “SALĀM”, truth and the strength to re-build their lIves and their homes.

The word SALĀM in Arabic also means greetings and the theme is inspired by the famous song “Li Beirut” by the Lebanese legend, Fairuz.

All proceeds go to the Red Cross in Lebanon to help the Lebanese people in the recent and unfortunate event.