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A very special and exclusive collection inspired by my friend Nadine who is a civil war survivor.

Nadine was my guest on my live series on Instagram Fَ n Talk and she disclosed her fear of butterflies as they reminded  her of her traumatic war experience.

All through the talk as I was listening to her story, I was thinking…..How can I help her change this memory and sentiments towards butterflies?!

After our talk, I sat down connecting the dots in her story. I started sketching some wearable pieces. I wanted to create this wearable piece as a reminder for her that she is a survivor moving forward in her life and that she managed to change her destiny.

Today, Nadine is helping refugees settle in their new home, Canada. She is an educator and a lecturer at UFT building cultural bridges between the East and the West

Nadine is the dancing Queen of her own destiny!

Butterflies represent life and the spiritual metamorphosis and rebirth, hope and change.

Handmade earrings of 18k gold plating over silver.

Blue Chalcedony, Aquamarine and Baroque  pearls.

Length: 8cm.

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