Palestinian women stitching and a pendant necklace made out of upcycled patches of cross stitch material inamullumani threads of identity
Threads of identity necklace
Palestinian cross stitch cushion upcycled into pendant with star pearl and gemstones adjustable necklace

Threads of identity necklace

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Introducing the Threads of Identity collection, where each piece is a unique creation made from upcycled Palestinian cross-stitched cushion covers crafted by refugees 30+years ago. These adjustable necklaces are a testament to heritage and creativity, combining the intricate artistry with gemstones.
The star-shaped pearl, carefully chosen for its resemblance to the Bethlehem star that guided the Three Wise Men to Jesus' birthplace, adds a touch of symbolism and significance to each necklace. Embrace the beauty of upcycled fashion and wear a piece of history, intertwined with the essence of tradition and faith.

Adjustable necklace 

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